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Keep in mind, I am a car guy in the marketing business - not a marketing guy in the car business. Who would you rather have handle your advertising?

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Tom Stokes

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Jeremy Piven and Tom Stokes


Movie: The Goods - Live Hard Sell Hard

Event: Red Carpet with Media

Location: Studio Move Grill

Celebrities: Jeremy Piven, Tony Romo, Brett Hull, Miles Austin, Tony "The Thrill" Hill with Tom Stokes


Paramount Pictures




Vince Neil  and Tom Stokes


Event: Rockin The Red Carpet with Vince Neil of Motley Crue


Location: Dallas

Celebrities: Vince Neil

Credit: LOUD Productions  


Car Business Accomplishments

Tom Stokes is a 18 year car guy that started in used car sales on the floor in at Acadiana Dodge in Lafayette LA. By 1998 he was a finance director of one of the largest Toyota stores in Gulf States (Coleman Toyota Baton Rouge). Has been Used Car Director, New Car Director, GSM and GM for Tom Benson that was bought by Walter Blessy.   Founded Movingiron LLC in late 1998 and has broken sales event records at several dealerships over the past decade including
Trophy Nissan's One MILLION Dollar 4 day sale in Dallas Texas ( VIDEO ) .  Including the 175 units sold in 4 days at Prestige Ford in Dallas TX. Has worked with and created events for Potamkin Auto Group in New York , Bohn Brothers in New Orleans, Van Tuyl Automotive Nationwide, Asbury Group, Sonic, Group One, Gregory Penske: Longo Toyota, Bobby Beck: The Beck Group, Tom Durant: Classic Chevy, Charlie Nixon, John Prindle and Randall Reed.


His favorite position at a dealership is closing ...

"I love being on the floor at a car dealership, and really love taking a customer from No, No, No not buying today to - Thanks Tom for helping us BUY TODAY!" - Tom Stokes

  • With a CORE Team of 20 strategists, analysts, managers, executives, administrators and specialists working together to help bring auto dealers OVER-THE-TOP sales and service for more than 15 years;
  • Bringing over 100 combined years of experience in the fields of data compiling, mail promo's, printing, PR, dealer marketing, advertising, social media, TV/Movie production and Web 2.0;
  • Has worked on over 1,500 automotive campaigns across more than 42 States and Three Countries;
  • Started Moving Iron in 1998. Moving Iron holds the record at Trophy Nissan for one million in gross profit in four short days and Prestige Ford for 175 units sold in 5 days for total gross of over half million  dollars.
  • Has personally sold customers a vehicle and has worked every position in a dealership at one time or another. Including detail.
  • Helped opened up Texas markets for Hibernia National Bank (CAPONE) i
  • Has helped build, contribute to and maintain over 300 automotive websites, blogs and forums;
  • Founded the first ever automatic vehicle inventory posting system www.InventoryBlaster.com

  • Trained several of the TOP car dealers in the country

  • Regular guest host on PRO AUTO TALK  www.ProAutoTalk.com and the Go To Guy for CNN for Car Business Industry

  • Designed and built the first ever ARTIFICIAL RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM known as V.I.C. ( Virtual Intelligent Communicator) . V.I.C. automatically follows-up on prospective clients.   (VIDEO)  

  • Speaker at several conventions including but not limited to NADA events and parties.

  • Founder of Radar Beacon a Auto Dealer Traffic Control & Positioning Software that has created several of the most successful new and used car sales campaigns in the industry. By using APDS ( Auto Predictor Database System ) Radar Beacon can create a list of who is in the market to buy a car in 90, 60, 30 days to immediately. 

  • Founder of Nubond.com the first time anyone paid someone to promote and suggest a product via facebook was 100% done by Tom Stokes in the car business in 2005.

  • Created and produces www.TrueInvoice.com

  • Founder of The Super Chevy Show  

  • Was a Road Warrior for 7 consecutive years running his own team with movingiron

  • Partnered several dealerships with Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • Was first to Develop Mailer combined with Video, Call Center, and Website ... started with www.RepoSale.net



Tom Stokes designed the Vince Neil 2015 Dodge Challenger 

Vince signing the very first 2015 Dodge Challenger 






Was the first to produce sales events with Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Gene Simmons of KISS and Eddie Money at Car Dealerships


Over 500 ups in one day with Vince Neil of Motley Crue - Delivered 32 units on a Friday.



Was the first to produce a Sports TV show with NFL legends in the showroom of a dealership


Show produced LIVE on location at Bettenhausen Dodge in Chicago www.SportsPlusChicago.com


TV and Movie Projects

  • Founded LOUD Media in 2006 combining 25 years of car business and entertainment industry into one.   LOUD Media is a prominent automotive, entertainment and sports agency headquartered in Dallas TX and now home of Moving Iron LLC. LOUD represents A-listers and emerging stars in movies, television, music, and sports. Including working with Jeremy Piven VIDEO in The Goods Used Car Movie, Chazz Palminteri A Bronx Tale,   Vince Neil of Motley Crue , Darren DPaul Wise and several other A list Rockers.

  • Produced several dealership infomercials over the last 17 years

  • Created and produced WAR of ROCK TV with Darren DPaul Wise, Dana Strum and Mark Slaughter of Multi Platinum Rock Band SLAUGHTER.

  • Created and produced The Drew Pearson Show FOX Sports  IMDB 2011 - 2013. It was the number one most followed and watch Sports and Entertainment show online starring Dallas Cowboy Legend Drew Pearson

  • Created and Produces Sports Plus Dallas and Chicago. 2011 - 2015

  • Created and Produces The Freddy Cain Show  Dallas

  • Created and will produce working with Drew Pearson and Roger Staubach The Hail Mary Film  The Drew Pearson Roger Staubach Story..

  • Produced The Big Texas Toy Run Documentary  in post slated for release early summer 2016.

  • Produces the Emmitt Smith Show www.EmmittSmithLIVE.com

Charity Work

Music Industry

Broadway Shows

  • Executive Producer of A Bronx Tale One Man Show with Chazz Palminteri ( Dallas)

Apparel Industry 


About Tom Stokes Music and TV background...



I am often asked why Rockin' The Red Carpet and War of Rock Shows  crosses so many different genres of music. I contribute this to my upbringing.

I grew up in a Boys Home (Orphanage) in New Orleans, LA called Waldo Burton Memorial. The resident kids called it “The Home” outside kids called us “Home Boys” not to be confused with “My Home Boy” there wasn’t anything really cool about being called a “Home Boy”. The home is located at 3320 South Carrollton Ave, New Orleans LA; built in 1918 it is considered a national landmark.

There were three levels of occupants Junior’s, ages from 1 year old to 9, Intermediates, ages 10 – 13 and Seniors ages 14 – 18. I became a ward of the State of Louisiana and a member of the Home December 1979.

The Home never knew race or color barriers and was run by a man that to this day we all consider our father,
Ralph Stroup Mr. Stroup was the superintendent and attended Waldo Burton from 1951 to 1968... Note: Ralph has three beautiful daughters, Jennifer, Rebecca and Lydia.. NO BOYS LOL.  In 1981 I saw this movie "The Decline of Western Civilization"  by the Rock anthropologist; Penelope Spheeris also director of Waynes World. This seem to set the ball rolling for me and music/movies.

COUNTRY: Before the Boys Home, I grew up listening to Freddie Fender blaring out the speakers of my mother’s 1967 Corvair convertible, my mother toured with Freddie as a backup singer from 64 to 67, I was born August 1967. This kind of explains my country roots.

My mother also worked at The 500 Club on Bourbon St. with Mrs. Chris Owens in the French Quarters. Every Sunday morning while everyone was busy cleaning up the local musicians would meet and have breakfast at Pat O'Brien's and play morning Jazz. I didn’t know who I was listening to until much later in life by stories told to me by Mrs. Chris Owens. I would sit at the piano with the pianist/composer/rock star/shaman Malcolm Rebennack, a.k.a. Dr. John, with Al Hirt and Pete Fountain usually lending help. It was 1975/76 on any given Saturday you could catch the trio at one of the many Jazz clubs in the Vieux Carré One of the great bands that frequently stop in to say “Hi” to my mother and Chris was Kool and the Gang.

ROCK: Back to the Boys Home, In the Home there were several different ethnic backgrounds from Latin American to African American and beyond both boys and counselors.

The Intermediates always looked up to the seniors kind of like big brothers. The seniors were all about music. If I wanted to hang out with any of them that meant having to like what they liked. This is where I was turned on to ROCK N ROLL. I was 12 years old and wanting to be cool so I hung out with Troy Hutton.. Troy had long blond rocker hair and listened to these bands called Black Flag, PiL & Sex Pistols. Glynn Bunch (Considered by most in the home as the devil) listened to KISS & Black Sabbath, Dart LaMoore listened to Fog Hat & RUSH. Neil Peart ( RUSH Drummer) is one of the greatest lyricist ever.

One of the counselors, Fred Edward Moolekamp Jr was a drummer and was friends with a guy named Guy Gelso from the New Orleans hometown favorite Rock Band ZEBRA.. I had the shirt that he gave me, signed by Randy Jackson, Felix Hanemann and Guy Gelso forever but lost it during Katrina. So this was like the first ROCK album I ever heard besides B97 FM & WRNO spinning tunes on the radio. I remember going to his apartment (All counselors had apartments in the home) and would ask him to play it while we played his Atari.



Several Counselors like Fred were into different types of music... Jack was Rock/Jazz, Curtis was Punk Rock and was in this band called “The Limit”. I forget his name but there was another counselor that loved Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Overall The Home represented and respected every culture and music derived. There were times when I would hear Latin music coming from Jorge Santamaria’s  Apartment.

I leaned more to the Black Flag, Sex Pistols, PiL crowd because they were always doing fun insane shit. Later that summer, 1982, this new kid came to the Home and had this album that was solid black with just a red circle and star in the middle.. The group was called Mötley Crüe I heard that and said to myself, how did he ( Mick Mars) play that riff?

RAP HIP/HOP: Of course this came from the home too... Another Home Boy turned me on to this group called The Sugar Hill Gang the name of the song was "Rapper's Delight" from there I always had a love for Hip Hop. The song was the first ever multi-platinum Hip Hop single. Yes, you heard right, multi-platinum. Nile Gregory Rodgers not only had a HUGE hand in Rapper’s Delight he also produced David Bowie's biggest selling album Let's Dance with several hit singles, including "China Girl", "Modern Love" and the title track, "Let’s Dance". He produced the single "Original Sin" by INXS. Duran Duran worked extensively with Rodgers after he co-produced their largest selling hit single, "The Reflex" in 1983 and followed up with "The Wild Boys" on their 1984 live album Arena.

Well, that about sums it up and why you have some many different types of competitions across different genres of music within my shows like Rockin' The Red Carpet and WAR of ROCK.

Our newly launched record label (LOUD Spirit Records)  was a way I could give back to music what it gave me. Also just got tierd of  There is no such thing anymore as “Discovery” on radio and I really do love new artist and hearing original music and lyrics.

The end of the story or really the beginning. A couple of my favorite Rock Bands are Zebra, Motley Crue and SLAUGHTER amongst many others.. For the last few years I have had the pleasure of working with all three of my hero's in rock. I have produced a track with Randy Jackson of Zebra with Darren DPaul Wise, titled: What it Feels Like, created a TV show pilot with Mark Slaughter and have produced several Rockin The Red Carpet Shows with Vince Neil of Motley Crue.

In 2012 Johnny Rotten (John Lyndon Sex Pistols/ PiL)  was my first musical guest producing The Drew Pearson Show for Sports Plus. Johnny helped launch the Sports+Music side of the show the way it appears today on Sports+Plus Entertainment.  Last year I was afforded the opportunity to work with Robert Kool Bell and Kool and The Gang..  In 2015 I will be producing shows with Eddie Money and Warrant.

I have always been inspired by music and movies especially movies about music. On the promotional musical side there is one guy that stood out to me and that's The Late Great Bill Graham.

Thanks to everyone out there for all the help, you know who you are, too many to list.

Tom Stokes

            About Tom Stokes Music Industry Background, WAR of ROCK and More...  

Tom's favorite TOP 20 tunes:


1.  Any and All from Muddy Waters / Buddy Guy

2.  Celebration: Kool and the Gang

3.  Kickstart My Heart: Mötley Crüe

4.  Who's behind the door: Zebra

5.  Use Me: Aaron Neville

6.  Sweet Home Chicago: Buddy Guy

7 Such a Night: Dr John

8.  Up all night: SLAUGHTER

9.  Aint that a kick in the head: Dean Martin

10. Stardust: Al Hirt



11. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound: Hank Williams Jr.

12. Tom Sawyer - RUSH  

13. Crossfire: Stevie Ray Vaughan

14. Bouncin' Back: Mystika

15. Two Tickets to Paradise: Eddie Money

16. She's My Cherry Pie: Warrant

17. Start Me Up: Rolling Stones

18. American Badass: Kid Rock

19. Sweet Emotions: Areosmith

20. Touch Me: The Doors

            About LOUD Entertainment History              
            Founded by Tom Stokes              

The LOUD legacy of promotional, entertainment and publicity success goes back over 25 years. It began in New Orleans, with the world famous Court of Two Sisters Restaurant, Bart's of the Lakefront, Pat O's. Chris Owens  500 Night Club and The Hotel Monteleon.  For celebrities these were "the" places to be seen in New Orleans. For more than 25 years, the clientele read like a celebrity who's who list. From Dean Martin to local celebrities like Erma Thomas, Pete Fountain and Archie Manning.

TODAY LOUD Celebrities List Includes: Dennis Mckinnon (Chicago Bears), WARRANT, Eddie Money, Chazz Palminteri, Dr. Bon Blossman, Jamie Foxx, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Marc Colombo, Amanda Harris,  Mayra Leal, Jeremy Piven, Drew Pearson (Dallas Cowboys), Hall of Famer Michael Irvin (Dallas Cowboys), Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys), Bradie James (Texans), Vince Neil of Motley Crue,  Vanilla ICE, Wayne Toups, Juan Gotti, SPM,  Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints), Andy Mayer, and many other celebrities.

The LOUD Corporation (TLC) is a full-service promotional, entertainment event and publicity agency that has represented a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, auto dealerships, celebrities, and athletes. For the last 25 years, LOUD has paved its way into several facets of many businesses, making the LOUD Team an invaluable commodity in any setting. With services ranging from web design to brand development to television and red carpet event production, there is no company that works harder when it comes to out-of-the-box ideas for its clients via ROCK IN YOUR BRAND. LOUD's major accomplishment is Sports Plus.


Created by The LOUD Entertainment Group, the sports and entertainment TV show can be seen in major cities during football season, gaining popularity quickly ever since its start in 2011 with the Dallas Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson. The company is also the creator and producer of Rockin The Red Carpet Tours that was hosted by Vince Neil of Motley Crue several times. Also to their credit is WAR of ROCK (American Idol for Hard Rock) with Mark Slaughter and  Dana Strum of the Multi-Platinum Rock Band SLAUGHTER. The company has recently formed a new label division LOUD Spirit Records for rock music with major distribution and promotion.


November 2014 LOUD Entertainment entered into an agreement to Executive Produce WeishFest LIVE streaming and edited for TV Special. Hosted by Dennis Mckinnon (Chicago Bears) from their Sports Plus Franchise. The show will feature Eddie Money, Warrant and many others while Dennis and Co-Host introduce sponsors and bring awareness to The Andrew Weishar Foundation in a Jerry Lewis type telethon.


The LOUD Entertainment Core Team is from New Orleans, LA, and led by Tom Stokes ( CEO/Founder) Tom grew up at Waldo Burton Boys Home in New Orleans, LA. He now lives in Dallas, TX area where the LOUD studios are located. In the works are two feature films one about a famous Rock Star from the 70’s the other about Tom’s younger life working with Gov. Edwin W. Edwards. Tom has four children and one grandchild. His oldest daughter, Victoria Stokes, attends LSU Medical.




Jeremy Piven and Tom Stokes


Movie: The Goods - Live Hard Sell Hard

Event: Red Carpet with Media

Location: Studio Move Grill

Celebrities: Jeremy Piven, Tony Romo, Brett Hull, Miles Austin, Tony "The Thrill" Hill

Credit: LOUD Productions with Paramount




Vince Neil  and Tom Stokes


Event: Rockin The Red Carpet with Vince Neil of Motley Crue


Location: Dallas

Celebrities: Vince Neil

Credit: LOUD Productions  






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