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What is Market Blazer III?

Back in 2000 I created the first ever mailer event combined with newspaper inserts with a custom website, video intro and call center coupled with email blast and tracking. It took 5 - 7 minutes for the video to load when someone logged on. Market Blazer II was introduced in spring 2005 and we added mail, text message marketing, LIVE chat and a very powerful online technology I created called inventory blaster.

We were never the biggest auto promo company but I always felt we were the best and was always first mover in the market place with new and exciting products.  Now, fast forward to today. We are brining back Market Blazer and calling it simply Market Blazer III with an even more powerful message, better internet integration and a whole lot of new surprises. I guarantee you're not going to be disappointed with the results. Plus the R.O.I. is residually HIGH.

If we were close friends and I asked you to give me $25,000.00 and I would give you back $150,000 in four days... would you do it?  I am telling you friend to friend - car guy to car guy this new and exciting product will make your month in 4 days or I will give you a full refund. No that's not just some line I am using to get you to try it. Those that know me - know I will keep my word. Those that don't - All I ask for is a shot to earn your trust.

Technology that helps provide a marketing solution to get a compelling message in front of real car buyers

Keep in mind, I am a car guy in the marketing business - not a marketing guy in the car business. Who would you rather have handle your advertising?

Now let's move some Iron - or Metal and Plastic :)

Tom Stokes




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